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17 мая 2018 г. 10:06

Some sort of Taste of Hope OSRS Released on May 24 as well as Clan Chat Restric

Looking for confirmed that the accompanying search of Theatre of Body - A Taste involving Hope OSRS will be going to game on May 24. Aside from, nonmember accounts with below 150 total level won't be able to join Clan Speak from now on. 

Release A Taste of Hope next week

While Theatre involving Blood is coming to sport on June 7, their accompanying quest - Some sort of Taste of Hope are going to be released on May 24 for the reason that update of next week. Currently please make sure you have fulfilled certain requirements already. Then you will be able to talk with Garth outside Ver Sinhaza in eastern Morytania to get started on the quest as soon as is considered released.Без названия

Submit Theatre involving Blood screen competition layout before May 31

The School team will carry a screen competition for every single big update release. And this also time as usual you can interact in the competition for Theatre involving Blood until May 31st. When designing the log in monitor (truly encompassing the Raids 2), you can check out the past streams or screenshots intended for inspiration. Please ensure your own personal submissions to be sent to oldschoolcommunity@jagex. com and include "log throughout screen" in the subject as well as your display name by the body processes of the email. Meanwhile, your own personal design should be attached being a JPG.

Finally, the victorious one will get 12 months of pub and an exclusive Old School goodie bag along with seeing your own personal log in screen in sport.

Current Clan Chat limits

The team has released a hotfix to stop nonmember accounts using less than 150 total levels from joining Clan Félin, and the limit can be enhanced or decreased by the staff according to the players’ feedback. In addition, the team will work on further more improvements in the future, like letting Clan Chat owners to arranged their own restrictions.

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