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12 февраля 2018 г. 10:44

Runescape news that in the problem of the tide

This month, our own task is to focus on Runescape Gold one of the oldest of the very most favorite - the guide island. I am sure that many associated with you, like me, begin your life on the island, causing the rodents and helping them to burn off bread.

A few years ago, this island then mysteriously disappeared, and through the Wizards of the "tower" within the "some of the pomegranate" eager to discover why. In the problem of the tide, you will search for survivors and work on vannaka, a long trek to the seabed to investigate the fate from the island of water. The dark story waiting. Getting excited about a journey filled with holes of nostalgia and traditional humor.

As a special Xmas, this task will be open to totally free players and members! Specifications are very low, and there is plenty of00 skills required to complete this particular Atlantis like experience in the 30 level.

Reward is actually of course not a rookie even though. You will get a new monthly objective, giving the XP underneath the fishing and agriculture, along with some delicious loot along with a very cool new knife such as the vannaka rewrite!Без названия

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