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19 августа 2015 г. 11:22

Teach You To Get FIFA 16 Early Access

(Reported by fifa16mall.com)


The FIFA 16 release date is September 22nd with new features, but gamers on Xbox One don’t need to wait that long to play. FIFA 16 is being beta, the early FIFA 16 release date comes five days before the official FIFA 16 release date on all platforms in the U.S. This is even earlier for users who are in other countries where the FIFA 16 release date is September 25th.



EA did not confirm a specific EA Access FIFA 16 start time, but it is 9 AM Pacific for Madden 16, so you can expect a similar start for FIFA 16 via these ways:


1). Buy 1 month of EA Access for $5/£4 


2). Preorder FIFA 16 through Xbox Store, you get a 10% discount, saving you $6, £5 


3). You now have preordered FIFA 16 and have EA access to play the early access version of fifa 16 for free, plus you even saved $1/£1 instead of preordering straight from the store


4). Just return Fifa 15 to Gamestop for credit, "pro value $14.30," and get it for even less.


Besides, this is not works for PSN.

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