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14 сентября 2017 г. 15:29

See All the Upcoming Air Jordan 4s Here

The next few months will be a good time for Air Jordans 2017 fans, with Jordan Brand releasing collaborations, retros, and previously exclusive colorways. On Thursday, the brand unveiled four upcoming 4s, breaking down the stories behind each.First released in 2006, the shoe sports a summer-friendly palette of white and light sand, along with Jumpman logos in blue on the tongue and heel. Larger women's sizes were available the first time around, but only gradeschool, preschool and toddler size wearers will have access to this year's retro.In 1983, the introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System revitalized the gaming industry and changed its outlook forever. IGN's #1 ranked gaming console of all-time returned to headlines last holiday season, when a mini version hit retail and became one of the year's hottest Christmas gifts. Continuing to inspire, the styling of the NES has even crossed over into sneakers, as Freaker Sneaks has released a limited edition "Nintendo" Air Jordan 4 bearing the system's details.
This formula is being used elsewhere by Jordan this year on the Cheap Air Jordan Shoes, an Air Jordan 8-inspired sneaker with a shape similar to this one. Speaking of which, the shape of this shoe is not entirely foreign and almost comes off looking like an Adidas Qasa.While the Nike News piece introducing these sneakers doesn't mention anything about Jordan release date info, there are dates for each floating around already. Scroll down for a look at these upcoming Air Jordans and their release dates. Note that the dates are subject to change ahead of the shoes' arrival.The shoes not only inherit NES colors, but feature Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt tongue patches, a Jumpman game cartridge hang tag and pressable controller buttons on the heels. Ten pairs in total were produced.So dedicated is Jordan Brand to Michael Jordan's fourth signature sneaker this year that it's morphing the shoe into the spinoff model seen here. The sneaker's Fly 89 name is a direct reference to the year the Air Jordan 4.
The highly anticipated 2017 Jordans For Sale collaboration is set to release next Friday, March 31. Unfortunately, the launch is limited to Kaws' official website and select Jordan retailers.Typically, Air Jordans resell for considerably more than they retailed for, but how much more? Some may not be as much as you'd expect, and you don't want to get ripped off. And if the price seems too good to be true, it just might be. While it's not a foolproof method, knowing the average value that a sneaker is selling for is one of the best ways of weeding out fakes. first released and the piece holding the laces is borrowed from that shoe.While official announcements haven't been made, it's expected that a lot of the same retailers that carried the Atmos x Nike Air Max x Air Jordan 3 Pack will also have the Kaws Jordans. Make your phone calls and stick with Sole Collector for updates heading into next Friday.Some of the Air Jordan line's success as a pop culture phenomenon can be traced back to Spike Lee's.

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