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17 мая 2018 г. 05:03

Cheap Roquan Smith Jersey

y. If he hasn’t signed his tender by June 15 Cheap Anthony Miller Jersey , the Pats can cut his salary to $660,000, so he’d be under contract (unless he’s crazy) by then anyway. And if he signs the tender April 21, that would open a six-day window for the Patriots to negotiate a trade involving him before the April 27 draft. It’s likely the Saints would reenter the picture. The Patriots don’t have a first- or second-round pick, and New Orleans could dangle the 32nd overall pick that they acquired from New England in the Brandin Cooks deal. That pick could carry currency for a quarterback-hungry team looking to deal into the end of Round 1, and get in front of Cleveland or San Francisco while gaining the fifth-year option on the rookie’s contract. So the Patriots could flip that to become a power player on Days 2 and 3, with a very deep draft class.

There’s a lot to consider. And the idea of a deal makes too much sense for both the Patriots and Saints to not at least consider it. Now, they just need Butler to sign that tender next week.

* * *

DeShone Kizer is widely seen as a fit for the Cardinals. Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes is pegged as one for the Steelers, and many rival officials believe he’ll land there. Likewise, Davis Webb has high-end potential and intangibles but is considered raw.

And those guys should be so lucky as to land in an Arizona or a Pittsburgh, where there’d be no pressure on their coaches to play them right away, and they’d have the chance to do the mechanical and classroom work they need without being thrown into a position to regress.

But this is a two-way street. Looking at QBs makes all the sense in the world for the teams too Cheap Roquan Smith Jersey , and others like Kansas City or San Diego or the Giants. Maybe you’d look at the fact that Eli Manning, Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger are now the NFL’s longest-tenured QBs behind Tom Brady, or that Carson Palmer is 37, and think those clubs need an immediate return from their draft picks.

• THE GREAT SUPER BOWL JERSEY CAPER: Read Robert Klemko and Jenny Vrentas’s deep dive into the bizarre case of Tom Brady’s jersey theft

Here’s what more important—not leaving yourself in the lurch at that position. And if you look back at that stat we gave you in the first section (just four of 15 first-round QBs from 2009-13 remain with their drafting teams), you’ll have our offseason lesson for the week. Franchise quarterbacks aren’t available every year, so you don’t want to pigeon-hole yourself into a single offseason needing to find one.

That’s how you wind up with Brock Osweiler making $18 million, or Christian Ponder or EJ Manuel costing you a first-round pick. The key? Giving yourselves multiple years to find one. And once your quarterback gets into his mid-30s, it’s worth giving every group of signal-callers a hard look.

“We scout that position the same way we scout any other pos
ition, regardless of the fact that we have a franchise quarterback right now,” Chargers GM Tom Telesco said on my podcast. “Doesn’t really matter if Philip was 25 or 35, that’s just how we scout that position. … So if the situation presents itself this year—and it could in 2018 or 2019, I don’t know—fine Cheap Joel Iyiegbuniwe Jersey , but this is the same way we’ve scouted the quarterbacks every year.

“Philip’s not going to play forever, we know that. But I also know Philip’s got a good number of years left in him, physically and mentally. It’s work we’ll do, and if there’s a situation that presents itself, we have to be prepared to make that pick. And it could be anywhere in the draft. It may or may not be this year, I don’t really know. And you usually don’t know unless you have the no. 1 overall pick.”

Let’s just say, for argument’s sake, that Rivers has three years left, and will retire after the 2019 season. If the Chargers open the window to find his successor now—meaning they go in at peace with the idea of, like Telesco said, taking a QB at any juncture of the draft—then they’ll give themselves four draft classes to find one. And because of the rookie salary scale, they won’t break the bank trying to find one.

So the question becomes whether these teams are truly in that window, and I believe the answer is undeniably yes. Tom Brady was 36 years, 9 months, 6 days old on the day Jimmy Garoppolo was drafted by New England. Brett Favre was 35 years, 6 months and 13 days old when the Packers took Aaron Rodgers. Here’s how old those aforementioned quarterbacks will be when the draft starts on April 27 …

• Palmer: 37 years, 4 months, 0 days

• Manning: 36 years, 3 months, 24 days

• Rivers: 35 years, 4 months, 19 days

• Roethlisberger: 35 years, 1 month, 25 days

• Smith: 32 years#4# 11 months, 20 days

Smith’s the outlier, and you could argue he’s less entrenched than at least three of the other four. Meanwhile, Palmer, Manning, Rivers and Roethlisberger are all right in that range where New England and Green Bay were when they used a high-end draft pick to get younger at the position.

Worst-case scenario? That you’re wrong on the young guy and he doesn’t develop. Second worst-case scenario? He does and the timing doesn’t work out, and you have to trade him or contemplate letting him walk. That’s where New England is right now.

And if they were being honest with you, I’m pretty sure they’d tell you that’s exactly the kind of problem they really don’t mind having. At a.

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