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15 сентября 2017 г. 11:56, г. Агдаш, Азербайджан Смотреть на карте

Make the Raymond Mill Safe Operation

Before the delivery of raymond mill, the manufacturer will provide a special product manuals, it usually contains the product introduction, installation steps, characteristics and matters needing attention, the maintenance method, technical parameters, the production process, and many other aspects of content, even so, the user in addition to the installation of production in accordance with the relevant instructions on the content, but also needs to operate it correctly, at this time some users will ask, How to operate Raymond mill correctly and make it safe production? Today, I will give you a brief introduction.
Before the Raymond mill is put into production, the user needs to do some preparation works, such as the choice of site, the layout of the surroundings, the arrangement of operators, etc., after the preparation works have been made, the order can be in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer, the specific correct operation steps are as follows:
Before the Raymond mill production
Check the parts installation situation of Raymond mill before the Raymond mill production, and look over whether there are any other impurities inside the equipment, clean up the impurities in time, if the components are not tightened well, should tighten them timely and then start the empty machine production to observe if there are the abnormal conditions of Raymond mill running.
During the Raymond mill operation
1. In the process of Raymond mill production, it is important to make regular feedings, should not be carried out blindly.
2. In the production, if the Raymond Mill appears sloshing, or the temperature is too high, in view of these circumstances, it is necessary to stop feeding in time, and then take off the power, check the machine timely to find out the reasons and make the adjustment in time.
3.Production personnel needs in accordance with the relevant Raymond mill structure design, as well as the process provided by the manufacturer to operate, waiting for the complete grinding of materials, and then for the next feeding.
4. At the end of the raymond mill production, need to stop the feeding first, so as to make the original material in the machine body fully ground, wait until the finished material comes out and then take off the power. It is forbidden to turn off the power before stopping feeding, or which will cause the serious wear on the related accessories and affect the service life of the Raymond mill itself.
After Raymond mill production, the user needs to regularly maintain it, for instance, replacing the badly worn parts in time,cleaning up the impurities and materials inside the equipment, lubricating the relevant parts periodically and removing the rust of the equipment regularly, they are all good for the next production of Raymond mill.

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