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9 ноября 2018 г. 11:11

Latest SEO trends 2018

Search engine optimization is the way of increasing the visibility of a website on the browsers.  Search engine research pages (SERP) show the pages according to the popularity. Search engine friendly website architecture, link landscape and optimized internal navigation along with optimization of the content are required for its functioning. SEO is both art as well as science, but at base it helps the user by making the internet user-friendly and by showing relevant and easily understandable content only. SEO services India makes the content easily digestible for both the users as well as the search engines.


Why SEO is important?
Search engine optimization is a technique to improve the overall rankings of a website. The higher the rankings of a website the better the search results. SEO helps in growing business be it a website, blog or an online store. Some of the reasons why SEO is important are mentioned below:

·         Generally the people surfing internet are more likely to select the most relevant option from the top five suggestions as mentioned in the result pages (SERP). Therefore, a website which appears on the top 5 positions always has more visitors. 

·         SEO helps in improving the visibility of a website. It is not only about the search results but it helps the users to choose the more trusted and relevant listings provided.

·         Keywords play an important role in search engines optimization as choosing the most appropriate keywords helps in attracting more traffic. 

What are the latest SEO trends?
Some of the SEO trends that are expected to rule 2018 are :
1.  Added features to search results

One of the primary task of SEO is to achieve and establish a high volume of traffic to a given website. Reaching the top spot on a search engine results page is equally important as maintaining the achieved position.
Keyword along with key phrase optimization are still important, but now other offsite elements which the search engine results page include are video, tweets, news block, snippets, adds and images. There are many search engine optimization company that helps in tracking your rankings based on above elements.

2.  Voice Search

Speaking is far better easier and convenient than typing. Many users prefer speaking for surfing as it is faster. Voice search will continue to be a trend in search engine optimization as in 2017. With the advancement of technology, voice recognition system has made customers comfortable in understanding their normal speech. This however needs more focus on keywords and phrases used by people as they speak differently in comparison to typing.

3.  Based on page relevance

Users prefer websites that are safe and Google fulfills this quest. For the same reason, sometimes the searched results are different from the actual query. Google collects the content from billions of websites and assess the relevance of a website’s content for the related terms and keywords. . This is known as Latent Semantic Indexing. It also helps in evaluating whether the content of a website is comprehensive.

4.  Link-less Back links

One of the means to increase traffic on a website is to link it with a reputable and trusted outside source. SEO has always relied on this method. This not only helps in increasing the traffic but also helps in improving the ranking. Search engines now can mention the brands, institutions, organizations and people without even linking to the coinciding website. The links along with the other content related to the hyperlinked text is going to carry some importance now.

Digital marketing in India is on a rise as with the knowledge and advancement of technology many business and startups totally depend upon the internet for their earnings. Only best search engine optimization services should be trusted and relied upon for earning their bread and butter.

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