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13 февраля 2018 г. 10:23

Something About FIFA 18 Ultimate Team's Squad Builder Challenge

As we know, buy fifa 18 coins EA Sports has already released some of new Ultimate Team Squad Builder Challenges that will stay for the remainder of FIFA 18.


Although your attention may first be drawn to the challenge of the 91 rated Bayern Munich player Thiago - another SBC might be more worth your time - Cristiano Da Silva.


Cristiano Da Silva is one of FIFA's rarest cards, with a ridiculous silver card that has 90 pace and 91 strength. And his new card is even better, with a massive upgrade by nine overall. The new card makes the Brazilian striker upgrate to 83-overall with 93 pace, 99 strength plus amazing shooting with 93 shot power and 87 long shots.


This card is bound to intimidate defensive players, fifaultimateteamcoins and while his league (the Japanese Meiji Yasuda J1 League) will be difficult to form a team in, Cristiano will be fully integrated into a Brazilian team, or will make for a sensational Super League.


And all that you have to do to get him is create a squad for every team in the Meiji League. Although this sounds very easy on paper, it may prove to be quite expensive.


Most of the players in the league are non-rare silver cards, therefore it is very difficult to find them on the market. Now with this challenge out, you have to pay extortionate prices for players that are not good.


However, given that Cristiano's regular card sells for at least $ 70,000, it would be worthwhile to spend a bit of cash on this game-changing card. If you want to find somewhere to get cheap fifa 18 coins, fifa coins discount code would be your best choice, just have a try now!

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