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11 августа 2018 г. 04:25

The Exiled Tribune - GGG Halloween Staff Meeting Unmasked

The the fact is out! In soon's  Buy POE Currency : The Exiled Tribune, players and fans will find out what -really- goes on inside the Grinding Gear Games offices. In addition, the Build on the Week is out plus the Scorching Ray Skill Gem Mechanics are revealed. Not only that, obtain a load of Essence Statistics and a glance at the daily deal watch list. It's was a fantastic week for POE!

They claim that a picture speaks lots of words, none greater than this accidental pic that Bex snapped after walking in around the Founders of Path of Exile using a meeting on Halloween. The question is...are these claims a picture with the Founders having a terrific masked Halloween or perhaps is it * Cheap POE Orbs * the Founders unmasked? Only you may decide.

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