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13 марта 2018 г. 11:48

veteran forward says he isn’t a good fit for the Sharks


 Jannik Hansen followed every cliché in the book. He worked hard in practice, he waited for an opportunity, and when it came, he played his best hockey as a member of the Sharks.


Still,[url=http://www.penguinsofficialhockey.com/adidas-matt-murray-jersey]adidas Jake Guentzel jersey[/url], after the Sharks swung a deal to acquire Evander Kane from the Buffalo Sabres at the trade deadline last month, Hansen got bumped out of the lineup again, erasing any delusion about where he stands with head coach Pete DeBoer.


 Hansen will serve as a healthy scratch for a sixth-consecutive game and the 32nd time this season.,[url=http://www.penguinsofficialhockey.com/adidas-jake-guentzel-jersey]Authentic Matt Murray jersey[/url],When the Sharks square off with the Detroit Red Wings at SAP Center Monday


Prior to the trade deadline, Hansen, a pending-unrestricted free agent that he wanted to finish the season with the Sharks even though he’s struggled to earn playing time under DeBoer. Now, he appears to be stuck in purgatory for the remainder of the season.


“That was obviously for family reasons,” Hansen said. “For hockey reasons,[url=http://www.sharkshockeyshop.com/adidas-joe-pavelski-jersey]adidas Joe Pavelski jersey[/url], this obviously isn’t a very good fit for me. It’s been proven now. It is what it is. Show up at work every day, good attitude. That’s about all I can control.”


 Hansen has scored two goals and produced just 15 points.,The numbers paint a fairly accurate picture of why Hansen has spent nearly half of the season in the press box. In 52 games since the Sharks acquired him at the trade deadline last season to skate on Joe Thornton and Joe Pavelski’s left wing


 along Chris Tierney,Hansen is also one of six Sharks forwards,[url=http://www.sharkshockeyshop.com/adidas-joe-thornton-jersey]adidas Joe Thornton jersey[/url], Joel Ward, Mikkel Boedker, Marcus Sorensen and Melker Karlsson, who’s produced a possession rating (49.94 percent) below 50 percent this season.


 the 31-year-old Dane put together a string of quality performances after injuries to Ward,Regardless, Joe Thornton and Tomas Hertl created an opportunity for him to join the lineup in mid-February. Hansen produced four assists in nine games, but still wound up in the red, possession wise, five times, which clearly wasn’t enough to earn favor with DeBoer.


Hansen said he’s received “no message” from DeBoer on why he hasn’t been able to crack the lineup since the trade deadline.

 straight-lined game,He plays a fast,[url=http://www.penguinsofficialhockey.com/adidas-kris-letang-jersey]adidas Kris Letang jersey[/url], a style that has allowed him to rack up five points in four games since he arrived from Buffalo at the trade deadline Feb. 26., physical


After tumultuous runs in Winnipeg and Buffalo, as well., the Bay Area might just be the perfect fit for Kane off the ice


The Sharks acquired Kane at a bargain-basement price — two conditional-draft picks and a prospect — because of the “problem child” label that got slapped on him during his first eight seasons in the league.


 who is black,[url=http://www.penguinsofficialhockey.com/adidas-matt-murray-jersey]Authentic Jake Guentzel jersey[/url],[url=http://www.sharkshockeyshop.com/adidas-joe-pavelski-jersey]Authentic Joe Pavelski jersey[/url],Beyond that, also faced criticism for shaving a Lil Wayne reference, the rest of Kane’s transgressions add up to the rough equivalent of rolling through a stop sign. He got blasted in Winnipeg for posting a picture on social media in which he held a big stack of money up to his ear like a phone. Kane


Sharks forward Joel Ward, said the Bay Area probably feels more “welcoming” to racial minorities than your average NHL city.,[url=http://www.penguinsofficialhockey.com/adidas-jake-guentzel-jersey]adidas Matt Murray jersey[/url],[url=http://www.sharkshockeyshop.com/adidas-joe-thornton-jersey]Authentic Joe Thornton jersey[/url], who’s also black


“It puts you a little bit more at ease, it definitely feels more welcoming.,” Ward said. “If you want to go out on the town and you see people that look like you


“You’ve got Oakland, so it’s very diverse. I’m sure it will be a different feeling for (Evander).”,[url=http://www.sharkshockeyshop.com/adidas-patrick-marleau-jersey]Authentic Patrick Marleau jersey[/url], you’ve got San Francisco


 when I’d complain about going to certain spots, the guys wanted to leave, which is completely fine. It’s a different atmosphere for them,[url=http://www.sharkshockeyshop.com/adidas-patrick-marleau-jersey]adidas Patrick Marleau jersey[/url],“Five minutes in, they’d have an understanding of what it’s like for me.”,” Ward said. “So then


At this point, it has large Latino and Asian populations; less than 30 percent of its population is white., Kane is expecting his experience as a racial minority in San Jose to be more similar to his experience growing up in Vancouver and playing in Atlanta. Although San Jose is less than five percent black



 it obviously bothered some people. Wes Welker (New England Patriots receiver) is at the Kentucky Derby throwing around money,” Kane said, referring to the money phone incident. “Because I was in Winnipeg,“It something that’s been done before by many athletes, and he’s considered a great guy. Fun and charismatic., in a Canadian city


 we don’t have enough guys who want to do that or think it’s important to do that. If you look at the four major sports, you’re living in the shadows. It’s an older mentality and something that (hockey) hasn’t caught up to. There’s nothing wrong with lights, camera,“If you don’t acknowledge (the racial element) to some degree,[url=http://www.penguinsofficialhockey.com/adidas-kris-letang-jersey]Authentic Kris Letang jersey[/url], that’s why hockey ranks fourth.”, action and embracing the entertainment side of sports. Unfortunately

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