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13 января  2018 г. 10:01

Tipsheet: Rams' failure brightens dreary sports weekend


Going forward, they do have a decent nucleus to build upon. Quarterback Jared Goff took big strides during his second season after struggling mightily as a rookie.


“This organization is going in the right direction,” McVay said. “I think we've got a good foundation in place that we can build on, but by no means does that mean that you win games automatically next year.”


This hiring was duly noted by McVay, a former assistant coach under Gruden in Tampa Bay.


"Great coach,[url=http://www.dolphinsfootballauthentic.com/jordan-phillips-jersey-authentic]Womens Jordan Phillip Jersey[/url], great teacher in terms of just understanding the big picture." McVay told. "It'll be interesting to see, great motivator, will he run the same offense that he was running when I got a chance to work with him in Tampa,[url=http://www.dolphinsfootballauthentic.com/charles-harris-jersey-authentic]Womens Charles Harris Jersey[/url], great leader, or will he now implement some of the different things that he's had a chance to continue to be exposed to over the last handful of years? Either way, hate the fact that we'll have to go against him next year. It'll be fun."


Before the Eagles knew their opponent, which ranked No. 9 in the NFL. But in the Falcons’ October loss to Miami,[url=http://www.dolphinsfootballauthentic.com/raekwon-mcmillan-jersey-authentic]Womens Raekwon McMillan Jersey[/url], it was clear that Jay Ajayi would need to be a big part of the Eagles winning in the playoffs. That’s especially the case against the Falcons, swarming defense. The Falcons allowed only 104.1 rushing yards per games this season, Ajayi rushed for 126 yards on 25 carries. It was the most rushing yards the Falcons allowed all season. It was the only 100-yard rusher the Falcons allowed until Los Angeles’ Todd Gurley reached 101 yards on Saturday. When the Eagles beat the Falcons last season,[url=http://www.dolphinsfootballauthentic.com/cordrea-tankersley-jersey-authentic]Womens Cordrea Tankersley Jersey[/url], who threaten with a fast, they rushed for 208 yards against the same defensive scheme that the Falcons still use. The game situation always dictates what the Eagles do — if they’re trailing early, they’ll be more inclined to pass — but it would make sense to try to establish the run and make Ajayi the workhorse running back. That could be their best shot against the Falcons.


The Eagles will probably play the nobody-believes-in-us card this week, like they did against Oakland. A game like the one the Falcons played against the Rams could favor the Eagles because it was a time-of-possession battle that required capitalizing on opponents’ mistakes. The Eagles can emphasize limiting turnovers with Foles, although it has some validity because they’re home underdogs as the No. 1 seed — the first time a No. 1 seed has been underdogs in the divisional round. The Falcons are the defending NFC champions and have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. This will be a tough game. But it’s a game the Eagles can win,[url=http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/steve-largent-jersey-authentic]Womens Steve Largent Jersey[/url], running the ball effectively, even with Nick Foles at quarterback. The Falcons have been vulnerable this season — they failed to score more than 24 points in their last five games of the regular season and they scored fewer than 20 points six times.  The formula for the Eagles with Foles isn’t winning games in the 30s (even though they beat the Giants that way); it’s outlasting opponents in ugly games, and trusting their defense. It’s a tough matchup and I liked the Falcons this year more than most, but it’s a better matchup for the Eagles than it would have been if New Orleans visited.


You’ll likely hear much about the Eagles’ 24-15 win over the Falcons last season. It was Atlanta’s lowest scoring output on their way to the Super Bowl. The Falcons have a new offensive coordinator and it’s a different season, but Schwartz’s strategy that day will receive attention this week and it’s one the Eagles would be wise to try to replicate. The Eagles pressured Matt Ryan and tried to keep Julio Jones in front of them. They allowed 10 catches for 135 yards to Jones, but it was his third lowest yards per catch average last season. They also emphasized putting the Falcons in third-and-long situations by getting negative plays on early downs. Atlanta went 2 of 11 on third downs in that game with an average distance of 9.9 yards to go.


If your friends haven’t subscribed to Early Birds, what we should add, it’s free to sign up here to receive the newsletter in your inbox every weekday. I want to know what you think, and what you want to read, so send me feedback by email or on Twitter @ZBerm. Thank you for reading.


The NFL may be raking in more television advertising revenue than ever, viewership numbers are down, because live television remains one of the few guarantees that the message from advertisers won’t be DVR-ed over by viewers. But for the second year, and business partners are criticizing the product they are supporting.


That can’t be good business.


The weekend was salvaged by the finale, coming up short in a 31-26 loss. You had two of the best quarterbacks in the league facing each other — Newton and Drew Brees, as Cam Newton nearly led the Panthers to a come-from-behind win before he was sacked on fourth down and 23 with just 11 seconds remaining, and if you needed any more evidence that it is a quarterback league, just compare the best game of the weekend to the worst.


Newton threw for 349 yards, while Brees completed 23 of 33 for 376 yards and two touchdowns — plenty of live-action football, completing 24 of 40 passes and two touchdowns, with a 31-26 score adding up to compelling viewing.


Marcus Marriota may have saved his head coach Mike Mularkey’s job in Tennessee by leading the Titans to 22-21 win Saturday over the Chiefs, who led 21-3 at halftime. And Andy Reid may have wrestled away from Marty Schottenheimer the crown of the king of playoff coaching failures with yet another first-round loss. Reid is now 11-13 in the postseason, but 1-7 in his last eight playoff appearances.


The game was marred by bad officiating and confusion by head referee Jeff Triplette, who reportedly will retire after this season.


That would qualify as good news for the NFL.


There were many missteps over the weekend in the use of replay, publicly criticized by Al Michaels in the Saturday night Falcons-Rams game. But one thing worth noting – the outcome of the Titans-Chiefs game would have been dramatically different if not for replay – an outcome that would have been a nightmare for the league.


Near the end of the game, running back Derrick Henry was tackled. However, with Tennessee running out the clock leading by one, the ball came loose and was picked up by Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson, who ran the ball into the end zone for what appeared to be the game-winning touchdown for Kansas City. That was the call on the field.


But replay clearly showed Henry was down and the play had been called dead before the ball came out. Everybody saw that — the fans watching the giant screens in Arrowhead Stadium and the viewers at home. But without replay to overturn what was an obvious wrong decision on the field, the call may have stood — a far worse sin than the frustration over the use of replay.


We forget that replay exists because of egregious calls like that in the past. The use of replay is now used for the smallest, [url=http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/steve-largent-jersey-authentic]Authentic Steve Largent Jersey[/url],minute decisions when it was born as a result of massively bad decisions that clearly changed the outcome of games. Life without replay would be far worse than life is with replay.


By the way,[url=http://www.dolphinsfootballauthentic.com/charles-harris-jersey-authentic]Authentic Charles Harris Jersey[/url], how bizarre was it to have Jon Gruden – the Oakland Raiders new coach – calling the action in the game featuring his future rival, the Chiefs?


And another television note of particular interest to Redskins fans – on NBC’s Football Night in America show, Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy said one of the problems with West Coast offenses is once they get past the script of the opening 15 plays,[url=http://www.dolphinsfootballauthentic.com/raekwon-mcmillan-jersey-authentic]Authentic Raekwon McMillan Jersey[/url], the offenses sometimes slow down and struggle. Sound familiar?


There were no close controversies that put the result of Atlanta’s 26-13 win over the Rams in question. It appeared to be a case of one team — the Falcons, last year’s NFC champions — having the playoff experience that this year’s surprising Rams lacked. That, [url=http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/arthur-brown-jersey-authentic]Authentic Arthur Brown Jersey[/url],a Pro Bowl return man, and Rams return man Pharoah Cooper,[url=http://www.dolphinsfootballauthentic.com/cordrea-tankersley-jersey-authentic]Authentic Cordrea Tankersley Jersey[/url], suffering from a case of Jamison Crowder disease. Cooper miscommunicated on one punt return, then fumbled a kickoff return.


At least Redskins fans didn’t have to watch former offensive coordinator Sean McVay take his Rams deep into the playoffs. Many are already pained with the notion that Washington may have let the better head coach leave Redskins Park.


Sunday’s opener, leading two mediocre football teams,[url=http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/arthur-brown-jersey-authentic]Womens Arthur Brown Jersey[/url], though, Tyrod Taylor and Blake Bortles, although the Jacksonville defense is among the best in the league. It is worth nothing that if either Jacksonville or Buffalo had Kirk Cousins as their quarterback, between the Jaguars and the Bills was the signature moment for the NFL — two bad quarterbacks,[url=http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/12th-fan-jersey-authentic]Authentic 12th Fan Jersey[/url], they would have likely won the game handily. And it is also worth noting that, unless you believe the Jaguars will actually invest in Bortles — 12 for 23 for 87 yards and one touchdown Sunday — Jacksonville could be a landing spot for Cousins if he becomes a free agent.


Now it’s on to the divisional round of the playoffs — the Falcons travel to Philadelphia to face the Eagles Saturday afternoon, while the Titans play the Patriots Saturday night, and the Jaguars go to Pittsburgh to match up with the Steelers Sunday and New Orleans plays the Vikings in Minneapolis for the final game of the weekend.


"The Champion" was written by Carrie exclusively for the Super Bowl. Variety previously reported that "Sunday Night Football" executive producer Fred Gaudelli approached the songstress last year to write the song. "I think it's going to become a sports anthem," he told the news outlet. "It's going to be one of those songs that you see cut to highlights for the next 25 years." 


It was revealed that Carrie's husband, Mike Fisher," Carrie shared. "He would listen to it before playoff games. He was like, was the first one to hear the song. "My husband loved it, 'I want everyone to hear it!' and I had to tell him, 'You can't do that. You can't play it in the locker room. I'm sorry.' But that was a good indicator that we were on the right track." 


The Super Bowl anthem will be released on January 12, marking Carrie's first song since she suffered injuries after falling on the front steps of her home in November last year. She had to undergo surgery on her wrist and get over 40 stitches to her face because of that. 


"I am grateful that it wasn't much," Carrie said after her surgery. "I am determined to make 2018 amazing and I want to share things with you along the way. And when I am ready to get in front of a camera, much worse. And I am grateful for the people in my life that have been there every step of the way, I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different."



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