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14 ноября 2017 г. 11:14

What We Learned: Why are so many NHLers scoring so much?

You’ve seen the headlines: Scoring is up. Great news for the league! Everyone likes goals.


 which is a quarter of a goal more than last year’s 2.77. The league-average save percentage is also down three points,Teams are scoring about an extra 10 percent more goals this season — 3.02 per game, and teams are averaging an extra shot and a half a night.


 this will be the most goals per game since the 2005-06 season,If these trends hold up, and teams will be shooting more than they have since they started formally tracking shots on goal stats in the early 1980s.


 a lot of this added offense seems to be coming in the form of referees simply calling more penalties. Efficiency percentages are actually down a little bit from 2016-17 to this point, so far,But it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that, but the extra 1.2 power plays being given out every night is resulting in power play scoring taking up a slightly larger chunk of overall goals in the NHL.


 it’s early in the season, it takes a month or two for either players to get used to the new standard, and it seems as though once new rules emphases go into place,Of course, or for refs to stop calling the stuff they were emphasizing to start the season (and probably, it’s far more the latter than the former).


 since that’s who’s getting the power play time. But here’s the thing: The increase in top-end players’ scoring hasn’t been nearly as marginal as the overall scoring in the league has. In fact, more higher-end players are going to score more points,What’s interesting about this only slight uptick in power play points per game is how things seem to be distributed throughout the lineup. It stands to reason that if more penalties are being called, it’s been a scoring explosion for top-end players.


 23 players with at least eight games played had scored at least a point a game,At about this point last season, with Sidney Crosby (13 points in nine games) leading the pack in points per game at 1.44. That number would only tie him for fourth right now.


 45 players with at least eight games played are sitting on at least a point per game through Sunday. That’s a nearly 100 percent increase over the number that scored so proficiently just a year ago. And on average,In fact, every team has almost 1.5 guys scoring a point per game.


So the question is obvious: Does the increase in power plays alone explain things?


 there’s been a 14 percent increase in scoring among top-50 guys while goals are up just 10 percent or so. Noticeable difference, and you have a jump in scoring among top guys that goes from an average of 0.97 per game to 1.11; that is to say,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-ivan-provorov-jersey]adidas Ivan Provorov jersey[/url], but teams aren’t getting a huge increase in their total power play time as a percentage of total TOI. However,Let’s expand those numbers out to the top 50 scorers in the league last season and this season, the top 50 scorers are obviously getting more time on the power play as a percentage of their overall TOI than they did last season (17.4 percent versus 15.7 percent).


 average points per 60 on the power play is actually down for this group as a whole,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-ivan-provorov-jersey]Authentic Ivan Provorov jersey[/url],In fact, by a third of a point per hour.


 everyone seems to be scoring a ton more points, at least on a league-wide level. Individually, while fewer guys are scoring at least half their points on the power play,So it’s tough to figure out why,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-travis-konecny-jersey]adidas Travis Konecny jersey[/url], all of a sudden, a lot more are scoring at least 25 percent that way, and that will certainly help to make a difference.


 more shots on goal, more scoring chances, more high-danger chances,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-claude-giroux-jersey]adidas Claude Giroux jersey[/url],But here’s what’s interesting: Everything is happening more often at 5-on-5 as well. More attempts, more unblocked attempts, and of course, more goals. So it’s not just the power play that’s driving scoring.


A potential reason for this, get a little bit worse as a whole. Guys who weren’t NHLers last year are, being thrust into those roles, it stands to reason that the league would, collectively, suddenly, which is hard to actually test because of the various machinations that extend out from the possible source of the increases, is talent dilution. If you bring in another team and take 30 players from all the other clubs in the league, and while that probably doesn’t explain why there are twice as many point-per-game players, it could certainly explain why basically every kind of shot event is more common now.


But previous expansion had been a mixed bag over the full 82-game schedule; when the Predators came into the league in 1998-99, when the Thrashers showed up, when Columbus and Minnesota showed up, the number of power play opportunities also dropped sharply, so that might explain the issue. The next year, scoring jumped again despite an even bigger dip in power plays and a decline in shooting. And the year after that, power play opportunities surged by about one per game, and the number of shots allowed per game ticked up slightly. However, scoring actually dropped from the year before, but shooting declined a little, and scoring went up by a hundredth of a goal per game.


 goalies were getting better (the league-average save percentage went from .898 to .908 in four seasons), that also came at a time when the Dead Puck Era was really getting into full swing,Of course, and expansion teams were largely horrible.


 it’s hard to go back and see if there were any “rules emphasis” changes that affected things in the early goings of those seasons,Now,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-wayne-simmonds-jersey]Authentic Wayne Simmonds jersey[/url], and it’s hard to predict how that all holds up over the full 82 this year. But the fact that Vegas got to take actual decent players from other teams — not that it always did — and they came into the league at a time when refs were far more intent on calling penalties probably opened up a different set of opportunities for a lot of higher-end players.


 “This is why so many guys are scoring more now,It’s tough to think you could point at any one issue here and say,” but the landscape of the league has changed so much in one offseason — and it’s still so early — that it’s reasonable to expect the unexpected a little bit more than you otherwise might have.


 he believed it would be a temporary stay until he could land another NHL opportunity. He had played 225 NHL games with four different teams,When Gilroy first joined the KHL in 2014-15, but he spent much of 2013-14 season in the American Hockey League.


What Gilroy didn’t expect is that he would enjoy his international experience on and off the ice.


 learning about different cultures,” Gilroy said. “What I’ve gained in life experiences …meeting different people,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-travis-konecny-jersey]Authentic Travis Konecny jersey[/url],“It turned out to be a blessing, languages ... to say that is my life is pretty cool.”


His playing style also turned out to be better suited for the international ice surface,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-ivan-provorov-jersey]adidas Ivan Provorov jersey[/url], which is 15 feet wider than the NHL's.


” said Gilroy, which helps my game. The skating aspect, who has 103 points in four KHL seasons. “It’s a more offensive game. It’s more of a skating game. There is more time with the puck. Little more time for creativity,“I found a niche, a lot more room to work with,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-ivan-provorov-jersey]Authentic Ivan Provorov jersey[/url], does help me.”


As one of the KHL’s top offensive defensemen, Gilroy looked like a favorite to make the Olympic roster as soon as it was announced NHL players wouldn’t be going. 


 Ottawa Senators, and now will be participating in the Deutschland Cup in Germany this weekend. Tony Granato, Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-claude-giroux-jersey]Authentic Claude Giroux jersey[/url],Gilroy played with the New York Rangers, the USA’s Olympic coach, is also coaching that team.


“I’ve always admired him for his skill and what he has,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-wayne-simmonds-jersey]adidas Wayne Simmonds jersey[/url],” Granato said. “He’s a guy who could be a leader at the back end. He can juggle a lot of minutes in a lot of situations. He’s a good all-around player.”


 but the opportunity to play in the Olympics weighed in his decision to stay in the KHL,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-shayne-gostisbehere-jersey]adidas Shayne Gostisbehere jersey[/url],Gilroy considered trying to come back to the NHL on a two-way contract this season, where players earn wages commensurate with NHL salaries.


Taft and Gilroy were married in 2015, but they started dating when they were both freshmen at Boston University. Taft was a lacrosse player. They view their situation more as an adventure than a hardship.


“I give him credit for being overseas and going it alone,” Taft said. “I have it easier. I’m around my family and friends.”


 including serving as a sideline reporter in major college football games,[url=http://www.flyershockeyshop.com/adidas-shayne-gostisbehere-jersey]Authentic Shayne Gostisbehere jersey[/url],Despite her busy schedule, she travels to Europe whenever she can. She guesses she has seen about 30 KHL games since he went over.


 but we make it work,“It is difficult,” Gilroy said via phone from Germany. “It’s great to be able to explore the world with your wife and see different people and cultures. We try things you don’t usually get a chance to do.”


” she said, she lived in Los Angeles when he was with the Lightning and Panthers. “A six-hour flight from L.A. to Florida is long too,Taft points out they had a long-distance relationship even when he was in the NHL. Because of her job, laughing.


They just accept this is their life. The day after they were married, Taft left to cover a soccer tournament and Gilroy returned to Moscow for training camp a month later.


” Taft said,“We haven’t had a honeymoon yet, laughing. “I keep reminding him that will happen one day.”


Gilroy said one of the best aspects of their relationship is the support they have for each other’s careers.


“It is cool because she gets to do what she loves,” Gilbert said. “She’s good at it. It’s fun to see how excited she gets on game day as she prepares. It’s fun that talk about sports. It’s a big part of our family life.”


Taft is the daughter of John Taft, a defenseman for the U.S. Olympic team in 1976. He also played briefly for the Detroit Red Wings.


After Taft left the NHL, he played four seasons in the minors. Gilroy didn’t have to explain to him why he went to the KHL.


 because it’s a great sport,“I always tell people when you have a chance to keep playing you keep playing,” John Taft said.


Jenny Taft remembers Gilroy talking about playing abroad even when he was in college. Even then, he appreciated the romance of that life.


” Taft said. “It’s so cool that he plays a group of guys who don’t speak the same language. But hockey is a game they all understand. I think that is so fascinating. Hopefully,“He really enjoys this, he will have so many stories to tell our kids someday."




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